Italy IGP Puglia "Calcarius 40.08" Bianco - Valentina Passalacqua

Italy IGP Puglia "Calcarius 40.08" Bianco - Valentina Passalacqua

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Producer: Valentina Passalacqua
Region: Puglia
Grape variety: 100% Bombino
White colour
Quantity: 1L

Vini di pietra bianca: With this wine, she wanted to explore the meeting between art and science. They have a vertical, fresh and mineral character. They come from special stony and white limestone soils of the Kimmeridgian age, exposed to the hot sun of Gargano. Rationality, Research, Mineral, Limestone.
On white stone soils of Kimmeridgian origin and limestone subsoil
The Bombino grapes enter spontaneous fermentation for 5/6 days in open vats, without contact with the skins (direct press) or temperature control. Unfiltered. Aging for 6 months in steel vats.
A wine with an assertive character. Aromas of lemon, orange and pear, with floral notes. On the palate, the typical acidity of Bombino stands out, it is sapid and strong, with echoes of citrus and pineapple.


Calcarius, or “limestone wines”. Exactly, because the soil of Gargano, the northern area of ​​Puglia, is deeply limestone, where winemaker Valentina Passalacqua, originally from Puglia, and Danilo Marucci launched the project bearing the same name.
Very attached to respect for living things, Valentina has applied biodynamic practices to the estate since 2000. The harvest is done manually and in small 20 kg boxes. Through its wines, Valentina wishes to show the unique expression of the region's indigenous and traditional grape varieties: Nero di Troia, Primitivo, Negroamaro, Bombino bianco and Montepulciano. Most of the estate's vintages are single-varietal.
In the cellar, vinification is done as naturally as possible: destemmed harvest, spontaneous fermentations, native yeasts. The wines are unfined and unfiltered, and bottling is done without or with very little sulfur. Valentina seeks for her wines the expression of the minerality of her terroir and highlights the expression of fruit and a low alcohol content.
Digestible, very refreshing wines to consume all year round.


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