Our values

DIVVINO aims to introduce you to new worlds, to provide you with unique experiences around wine.
We created this company with the desire to share expertise, culture and tastes to nourish your memories, emotions and feelings. We love the incredible moments that this universe offers us, and that's why we not only sell wine, but above all experiences that we can have around a glass.
Wine then becomes a link between producers and enthusiasts, a perfect companion for traveling, a source of new friendships and unforgettable moments. Wine unites, brings together, celebrates, socializes…

At DIVVINO, we have the chance to discover and select producers who share with us the values ​​of respect for the earth and good wine, to pass on and make you aware of their stories and their wines. We are their ambassadors.
We believe in quality wines, made by artisans keen to preserve a terroir and produce the best juice with grapes from their region. We want to relay their messages, whether about the love of wine, the flavors or even respect for the environment.
We are particularly attached to small artisans, biodynamics and natural wines, we share their values ​​and highlight their know-how while respecting nature and man.
Welcome to DIVVINO!
Life is more joyful with wine. Through the term "wine" we think of the many universes that can exist around, and it is a pleasure to share ours with you!
Marina Giuberti and Emiliano Tenca

Divvino Paris is recruiting wine merchants / sommeliers, dare to join us!
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