Master Cellarkeeper 2021

In 2017, the Federation of Independent Wine Merchants (FCI) noted that “apart from the competition for the Best Wine Merchant in France, organized by the Union of Professional Wine Merchants, there is no title to define the professionalism of the Wine Merchant” affirms Cyril Coniglio , best wine merchant of France 2018 and vice-president of the FCI.

Like the titles Master Restaurateur, Master Sommelier, Master Artisan Baker, Master Cheesemaker… They therefore created Maître Wine Store.

The title of Master Winemaker is an official title that enhances the profession. It is therefore not given to everyone and is defined by a strict charter. Here are the 7 conditions to exercise on a daily basis to claim the title of Master Winemaker:

  • Seniority
  • The knowledge
  • Training
  • The transmission
  • The selection
  • People & the land
  • The implication

Marina Guiberti is Master Winemaker

Young love…

This Brazilian, originally from a family of Italian epicureans, grew up around the art of the table and good wines. Since she was little, her grandparents passed on to her the passion for beautiful shared bottles. Particularly on Sundays after mass, during family lunches where
the wines are chosen to match the dishes. This is how the wonder of wine was born!

Today, Marina Giuberti shares her expertise and enjoys creating memories and feelings. Divvino is a unique and historic place from the 16th century that not only sells wine, but above all experiences over a drink. “Wine then becomes a link between producers and
enthusiasts, a perfect companion for traveling, source of new friendships and unforgettable moments. Wine unites, brings together, celebrates, socializes…”

Its ambition is to share identity wines and make the tasting unforgettable and divine thanks to the emotion that results.

…which lasts forever!

Marina Giuberti is particularly attached to small artisans, biodynamics and natural wines. She shares their values, notably respect for nature and man. Divvino offers around 1,200 references including 200 Italian wines, some precious Brazilian bottles, a vast choice of spirits and a delicatessen area.

Passionate about her job as a wine merchant and sommelier, Marina is proud to be able to pass on her love of the profession by advising her clients but
also via oenology courses. She actively represents the profession through her strong activity on social networks.

For her, the title Master Winemaker allows the profession to be promoted with a modern vision and highlights the importance and legitimacy of the profession of Independent Winemaker. “We are numerous and eclectic. Wine couriers who transmit know-how, history, French and international culture through bottles of wine and geography. »