Divvino Paris offers you many options for special experiences tailor-made for you:
- Reorganization of your personal cellar:
This service will allow you to transform your wine collection into an organized and harmonious treasure, thus guaranteeing optimal conservation of your precious bottles and facilitating access to your favorite selections.

- Wedding wine list:
Carefully selected to complement the elegance and joy of this special day, offering a refined range of varietals and aromas to satisfy every palate.

- Private tasting:
Offers an exclusive experience where you can savor exceptional wines in an intimate setting, while discovering the secrets of their flavors and appreciating every nuance with a professional sommelier.

- Oenological trips:
Our wine trips take you through France's best-known wine regions, allowing you to discover the art of viticulture, taste exquisite wines and explore the culture and tradition that surround them.

- Privatization:
Treat yourself to an exclusive experience by opting for our privatization service of our 16th century cellar, a place steeped in history where you can savor exceptional wines in an authentic and intimate setting, thus creating unforgettable memories for your guests .



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