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Guillaume Lavie, a young winemaker imbued with biodynamics and permaculture.
A trained gardener and landscaper, Guillaume decided to devote himself fully to the vineyard. “You can only do this job out of passion. » Experiments on several terroirs, mainly in Burgundy, followed one another before he became master of cultivation on an organic vineyard in Beaujolais. BPREA (Professional Certificate in Agricultural Operations Manager) and BTS viti oeno in hand, all that remains is to find a place to settle down.
A small vineyard of 1.5 hectares, already farmed organically, was available in Ain near Belley. The adventure can begin! Guillaume Lavie settled in May 2015 in Pontcharra, south of Chambery and near the Chartreuse Regional Natural Park.
The passion for the profession came to Guillaume a few years ago while witnessing, during seasonal work, a strange phenomenon: “It was magical, I was in front of a barrel, the grapes had already started to ferment when, through From the orifice, a cloud of carbon dioxide came out which quietly spread throughout the cellar. There they lived, they worked. I had never seen something so beautiful…”

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