Domaine Schola Sarmenti, Roccamora Negro Amaro 2021

Domaine Schola Sarmenti, Roccamora Negro Amaro 2021

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Roccamora Negro Amaro 2021
Producer: Domaine Schola Sarmenti
Region: Puglia
Grape variety: Negro Amaro
Color: Red
Quantity: 75cl

Roccamora is a single-varietal wine made from Negro Amaro. From the first sip, you can perceive a great sweetness with a slight bitterness of the tannins at the end. Aromas of very ripe black fruits, spices, leather and peppery tobacco characterize this pretty Italian wine. Elegant, great freshness, its texture always remains velvety.


The Schola Sarmenti estate is located in Puglia in Nardo. The Phoenicians were already cultivating vines there more than 3000 years ago on limestone soils and tuff rock, rich in marine fossils. The vines, aged 20 years on average, are cultivated in trellises typical of the region which gives them the appearance of shrubs. Azienda Schola Sarmenti began in 1999 when it transformed into a high-end cooperative with 5 producers on an area of ​​20 hectares. Today Schola Sarmenti is one of the best wineries in Nardo.

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