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Marsau is local wine, a chosen territory, on the Côtes de Francs, a space of freedom. A remote vineyard, lost to the east of Saint-Emilion, you arrive there via a road which ends in a landscape forgotten by time. Here the wine civilization blends into rurality. Marsau is a plateau, a strong and unique clay terroir. Our vines are anchored there and express themselves there, sensitive to the nuances of the soils and landscapes, open to the moods of the time. By cultivating them while respecting what they have to offer us, we harvest a precious and varied raw material, like so many reflections of the terroir. Our Merlots play their role fully, they are the inimitable signature of the place in our wines: freshness, depth, intensity. Conjugation of the deep nature of landscapes with silk tannins. Instinct and elegance.

2018 is the start of a new story. This is the year that seals our commitment to the Marsau adventure. And what an adventure! We question the places in all directions. This landscape, this earth, these clays, this matter, the infinitely small, the living. We are more and more present and occupy all spaces in Marsau.
Children also explore and take over the place. We are in this adventure together. It's the start of a new life. Here we want to see the sun rise, walk the rows of vines for a long time, look at the stars, walk barefoot in the wild grass, build cabins, plant trees,... 2018 is also the year of our choice of 'Organic Agriculture. We are going there with determination. The journey through the vintage is eventful. Yields are expected to be extremely low at the end of spring - a disastrous spring. Upheavals, storms, whirlwinds.

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