Rum "Edicion Negra" - Zacapa MHD

Rum "Edicion Negra" - Zacapa MHD

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Country: Guatemala
Quantity: 70cl
Alcohol: 43%

Original aging because of the "Solera" method: a succession of four barrels, including one American oak barrel having undergone heavy heating. It multiplies the nuances of mahogany then notes of dried fruits and chocolate are revealed on the palate. The lingering finish wonderfully reflects all the power of an exceptional rum.


Ron Zacapa is a famous Guatemalan rum, which has become practically legendary. Owners of a sugar cane plantation located 350m above sea level, Ron Zacapa's producers only use concentrated cane juice to make a special "honey". Using yeast extracted from pineapples, the must is gently fermented before being distilled in a single copper column still. In addition, they use a "Soléra" system which is rather rare in the world. The rum produced is then aged in cellars located at an altitude of 2300m. Aficionados call it this: “The Rum above the Clouds”.


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