VDF “Rose Marie” 2021 - Château Le Puy

VDF “Rose Marie” 2021 - Château Le Puy

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Producer: Château Le Puy
Region: Bordeaux
Grape variety: 100% Merlot
Vintage: 2021
Color: Pink
Quantity: 75cl

Rose-Marie comes from the Merlot grape variety only and is obtained by bleeding from a fermenting vat. Fermentation takes place in experienced barrels, without any addition. The wine is then energized for 6 to 8 months and bottled without adding sulfur dioxide. It is completely natural.

Its color can be different from one year to the next: light ruby ​​to very light ruby, limpid. Its nose expresses aromas of red fruits and white or pale flowers like peonies.

Its mouth is light and fluid with an expression of fine, barely perceptible tannins.


The Amoreau family, 15 generations of winegrowers since 1610

The history of Le Puy spans more than 400 years of know-how patiently acquired and passed on from one generation to the next. Without synthetic artifice, they try to create wines which are the purest expression of its soils and the grapes which grow there, for the happiness of all.
As far back as family memories and archives go, life in Le Puy has been organized around diversification, with the cultivation of vines as a central pivot. His ancestors actually lived almost self-sufficiently in this remote place in Gironde. They have, without knowing it, participated in the establishment of a permanent balance around beneficial interactions between species: animals (insects, men, horses, etc.) and plants (plants, vines, forests, etc.) coexist there. symbiotically. This is why half of its land is made up of forests, meadows or a pond.

Today, they go further by planting, within the rows of vines, certain species of shrubs such as blackcurrant or eleagnus. This practice called “agroforestry” makes it possible to strengthen biodiversity. It also serves to create and maintain pollination pathways. Le Puy acts in all areas to organize its biotope (place of life) as harmoniously as possible, including the most diverse fauna and flora, developing and respecting all forms of life: use of spring water for our preparations, development of an insect shop…

This work carried out in osmosis with the environment is accompanied by an early and committed environmental sensitivity. After the Second World War, Jean Pierre's father, Pierre-Robert Amoreau, was one of the first members of the “Nature & Progrès” association. This association made up of farmers and artisans, founded in 1964, is a precursor of agrobiology and biodynamics in France. At a time when environmental commitment was not taken for granted, and could even arouse incomprehension or even jokes, we on the contrary strengthened our positioning as protection institutions became organized.

Le Puy has thus successively obtained Ecocert certifications (organic farming) and Demeter (biodynamics), for which Pascal Amoreau also participated in the development of the specifications. Internationally, they are today one of the only French wine properties to have obtained organic certification issued by the Chinese government. Finally, their commitment also involves a constant concern for eco-responsible sourcing: favored national production, short circuits and recyclable materials are at the heart of our concerns.


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