Rovigno 2016 - Roxanich

Rovigno 2016 - Roxanich

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Rovigno 2016 - Roxanich
Producer: Roxanich
Region: Croatia (Istria)
Grape varieties: Malvoisie, Pinot Blanc and Chardonnay
White colour
Quantity: 75cl

The tannins of this Croatian wine are lively and soft, they tickle the palate. The aftertaste is sweet, fresh and spectacularly long-lasting - like a memory of Istria's most favored city! The aromatics of Pinot Blanc blend with the structure of Chardonnay and the sweetness of Malvasia, a beautiful blend!


His fame goes far beyond the borders of his idyllic homeland on the Croatian peninsula of Istria. Mladen Rožanić, aged 53, is the international figurehead of the orange wine movement, which has been shaking up the wine world for some time. Today, orange wines are in vogue and that is why he decided to move away from this concept. “Trends are always very vague. This is why I prefer to describe my wines as long-maceration wines or simply as primitive wines,” he explains. It is no coincidence that the notion of time is present in the first term. Indeed, Rožanić refuses to use modern winemaking techniques to accelerate the aging of his wines. He takes the opposite path and gives his wines as much time as necessary for them to balance themselves. “Patience is a fantastic skill,” he announces. Its wines therefore wait between three and a half and five years in large 3,800 liter French or Slavonic oak barrels, with a minimum dose of sulfur (nine to eleven milligrams of free SO2 per liter) before being bottled. . This long stage gives them a certain stability, but above all it allows them to best express their own character. Mladen Rožanić comes from a Venetian-Croatian dynasty called “Roxanich” after which he named his cellar. The son of a naval engineer and university professor, he grew up in Opatija, an Istrian port city.
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