Sparkling Pear Juice "Le Petiot" 75cl - Pacory

Sparkling Pear Juice "Le Petiot" 75cl - Pacory

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Country: France
Quantity: 75cl

The selection and assembly of different varieties allows us to give all the subtlety of our juices. Picked by hand, the fruits are then pressed. Pasteurization is ensured the next day. Without filtration and without preservatives, these products are entirely natural! Slightly cloudy, our juices have retained all their complexity in taste. Vital for stocking up on energy, our farm juices are preferred in the morning for breakfast or after physical exercise!


The Grimeaux farm, a family story.
It is in the heart of the Bocage Domfrontais in Mantilly, land of the pear, that the Grimaux farm has been producing calvados, pommeau, cider and perry of exceptional quality for generations.
The Pacorys are part of these old peasant families from the beginning of the 18th century who produced their own cider products in parallel with their breeding activities in the Domfrontais region.
Since 1939, the Grimeaux farm has been operated by the Pacory family. In 1959, to meet increasing demand, Claude Pacory chose to specialize in the production and marketing of calvados.
To professionalize Claude Pacory had to perfect and refine production techniques in order to offer the best of the Domfrontais terroir.
In 1986, his son Fréderic and his daughter-in-law Catherine Pacory took over the family business and built on the excellent work previously carried out by obtaining numerous prizes and rewards.
To do this, Fréderic and Catherine Pacory have selected the most beautiful apple varieties from the family orchard and combined traditions and developments with more efficient tools and techniques.
Today, the range of products from the Grimaux farm enjoys a very good reputation among connoisseurs and more particularly the Calvados Domfrontais AOC and Poiré Domfront AOP.
These products are the result of nearly three centuries of know-how passed down from generation to generation and are now among the finest treasures of Domfrontais.


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