VDF “Or Angel” 2021 Orange - Marc Kreydenweiss

VDF “Or Angel” 2021 Orange - Marc Kreydenweiss

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Producer: Domaine Marc Kreydenweiss
Region: Rhône
Grape varieties: Vermentino, Grenache Blanc, Viognier, Muscat, Riesling, Gewurztraminer and Pinot Gris.
Orange color
Harvest: 2021
Quantity: 75cl

A wine with seven planted grape varieties, which are harvested and macerated together. The marriage of several varieties produces a beautiful amber-orange color.
Terroir: Located on a gentle slope on the Costières de Nîmes near the Petit-Rhône
and the Camargue, the hillsides benefit from a soil of rolled pebbles on a
ferruginous earth consisting of a composite mixture of silica, limestone, flint
and sandstone.
The complex palate has an attack revealing pretty fruity aromas (candied apricot, mandarin, kumquat) and spices (curry), giving way to slightly peaty notes. The acidity is beautiful, the tannins are melted, allowing remarkable drinkability. Orange wine without filtration.

Invitation to the Kreydenweiss estate in Manduel


Domaine Kreydenweiss is cultivated Biodynamically. Since 1999, Domaine des Perrières has been the dream place for the Kreydenweiss family to satisfy their passion for red wines and pay, thanks to its Alsatian know-how, a personal tribute to the grape varieties of the South.
This is why they were particularly interested in the oldest of them: Carignan, but also in Syrah and Grenache, great grape varieties of the Rhône Valley planted for a long time in Perrières, as well as in Mourvèdre which they were quickly added to it by acquiring the Domaine.
Les Perrières having the good fortune to be located on one of the sacred lines which depend between them the great places of worship (from Mont Sainte-Odlie to Saint-Gilles), Emmanuelle and Marc Kreydenweiss, fervent supporters of bio-dynamics, have since been employed to translate and share the exceptional “vibration” of this place.
Marriage of the energy of the earth and shared enthusiasm, find in our wines the confidence of nature. Freshness, grace, excellence, red, white, rosé…


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