IGP Collines Rhodaniennes "L'Arène" 2020 - Domaine Eymin-Tichoux

IGP Collines Rhodaniennes "L'Arène" 2020 - Domaine Eymin-Tichoux

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Producer: Domaine Eymin-Tichoux
Region: Rhône
Grape variety: Syrah
Vintage: 2020
Color: Red
Quantity: 75cl

L'Arène is the great Syrah cuvée from Seyssuel produced by Sophie Eymin and Kevin Tichoux. It is an opulent wine with a skilfully controlled tannic base, which gives pride of place to fruitiness. From nose to mouth, we enjoy the basket of fruits that this great wine offers us. From the start the juice reveals itself to be full, spherical, seductive, long, tactile. We taste it with relish, thinking of what it will have to offer us with a little patience. A great alternative to the greatest Côte-Rôtie vintages.


Start from scratch and create your Domain. This is what Sophie Eymin and Kévin Tichoux have just achieved. After studying viticulture and oenology, they work in different fields in France and abroad in order to acquire different working methods. They then returned to France and settled in 2015, in Seyssuel in Isère. The same year, the couple planted their first vines on a plot spread over both banks of the Rhône. On the right bank, characterized by steep slopes and granite soils, the Côte-Rôtie and Condrieu vintages are produced. On the other side of the Rhône, on hillsides of schist, quartz and granite, the couple produces Arène, l'Avant-Première, IGP Collines Rhodaniennes Seyssuel vintages, as well as two other vintages, Cap Syrah and Crozes-Hermitage.

The four hectares of vines are managed organically. “We have always worked in organic farming and we will obtain our certification for the 2021 vintage,” recalls Sophie Eymin. Faced with slopes, sometimes very steep, the horse is used for tilling the soil. “We are most of the time in our vineyards,” says the winegrower. It's the grapes that do everything, it's essential to have beautiful grapes to make a good wine. »

At Domaine Eymin-Tichoux, the grapes from four hectares of vines are vinified on site in Seyssuel. Upon arrival at the cellar, the bunches are sorted then destemmed or not depending on the vintage. Then, these bunches are pressed or directly placed in stainless steel vats to carry out alcoholic fermentation. “Depending on the vintages and vintages, the wines are then aged in the barrels of one or more wines, or in demi-muid or even in frustoconical barrels,” indicates Sophie Eymin.

To go further in their environmentally friendly initiatives, the couple uses unprinted recycled cardboard that they stamp themselves with their wine, and also paper tape. A whole universe that they now wish to share with the general public by offering them visits to the vineyards.


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