VDF "Heita" 2016 Soft White - Domaine du Moncaut

VDF "Heita" 2016 Soft White - Domaine du Moncaut

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Producer: Domaine du Moncaut
Region: Pyrénées-Atlantiques, France
Grape varieties: Petit Manseng
Color: Fluffy White
Quantity: 75cl

The Petit Manseng grapes, raisined by the autumn sun, give this delicate and suave wine exotic aromas and an airy finish. The taste is oily and spicy with a silky texture. Perfect with a dessert or blue-veined cheeses!


Nestled in the Piedmont Pyrenees opposite Jurançon, the maintenance of Domaine du Moncaut is carried out according to the principles of organic farming. Sophie and Thibaut de Salettes, respectively scientific journalist specializing in vines and wine, and he, a wine nurseryman, started their winegrowing business in 2007. An adventure that began by planting 10 grape varieties on their hillside.
Today, Sophie and Thibaut offer 4 wines: a dry white, a sweet white, a red and a rosé. They are called “confidential” because production is limited by the 4 hectares of vines.
The wines are sold almost entirely in the South-West through a short circuit. It is an artisan wine that requires a lot of manual work and a lot of care. It is a wine clinging to its Piedmont Pyrenees terroir linked to the history of the hillside (a vine planted at the beginning of the 19th century and replanted in 2005 by Sophie and Thibaut).
The Moncaut vineyard does not use herbicides or chemical fertilizers. To prevent vine diseases, we are one step away from organic because we have the constraint of compulsory treatment against the leafhopper of the golden flavescence, taking into account our activity as a wine nursery.

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