VDF “Piak!” 2023 White - Reel

VDF “Piak!” 2023 White - Reel

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Producer: Domaine Reel
Region: Loire
Grape variety: Cabernet Franc just pressed
Harvest: 2023
White colour
Quantity: 75cl

Piak! Piak! When you're thirsty, it's time! Cabernet Franc just pressed to make a chirpy white wine. Juicy, dry, natural and fruity.


The Bobinet estate has existed since 2002, when Sébastien Bobinet took over the vines (1.8ha), as well as the cellar from his maternal grandparents. He is the 7th generation of a family of winegrowers from Dampierre-sur-Loire (associated commune of Saumur). The choice of organic cultivation quickly became apparent, as did “natural” winemaking, that is to say without chemical input during the production of the wine, particularly under the influence of Olivier Cousin, winemaker in Anjou. Sébastien cultivates 1.5 ha of Cabernet Franc and 0.30 ha of Chenin, harvests the dried grapes by hand, then vinifies and matures his wines in the tuffeau cellar dug into the Saumur hillside. These wines are then the Amatéus Bobi and Echalier vintages. In 2007, interested in carbonic maceration, he met Bernard Pontonnier who helped him better understand this method of winemaking, the latter having himself learned from Jules Chauvet, Marcel Lapierre, Jean Foillard and many others, when he was a bistro owner in Paris. He was also one of the first to promote natural wine. With grapes from a small private plot, Sébastien and Bernard together produce the Greta Carbo vintage. Then came the time to grow and diversify: Sébastien took over 2 hours of Cabernet Franc in 2010 and decided to vinify the grapes of Pineau d'Aunis, Gamay and Côt to experiment with other grape varieties. Rififi in Beaulieu was born! In 2011, he was joined by his partner Emeline Calvez, a trained sommelier. Together they created the Ruben vintage, number of the new plots taken over in 2010. Their collaboration gives a new dimension to the estate which continues to grow and assert itself, with a constant concern to stay the course of a sustainable and ethical activity. The Hanami then Piak vintages! appear next. In 2015, both acquired a building which they completely renovated to make it a real storage space, offices and a tasting-sales space.


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