DOC Prosecco "Fratelli Cosmo" 2022 White Sparkling Extra Dry - Bellenda

DOC Prosecco "Fratelli Cosmo" 2022 White Sparkling Extra Dry - Bellenda

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Producer: Bellenda
Region: Treviso (Italy)
Grape variety: Glera (100%)
Vintage: 2022
White colour
Quantity: 75cl

This fragrant and graceful Prosecco is the fruit of a selection of grapes from the most beautiful vineyards in the region of Cordignano, Sarmede and Cappella Maggiore in the Treviso hills.
It appears luminous and sparkling, with a delicate pearl of fine bubbles and a soft but generous foam. The bouquet is generous, with emphatic notes of apple, peach and Golden Delicious wisteria, displaying a wonderful balance of fragrance and refreshing crunch. The palate is fruity and sweet, full-bodied and well structured; overall, it is a harmonious and elegant wine.


Bellenda Winery was founded in 1986, but the Cosmo family has been producing and growing wine for decades. Sergio Cosmo passed on his passion for wine to his sons. Located in the village of Carpesica, in the DOCG zone, Bellenda's philosophy is based on respect for the vineyards and the environment. The terroir and its history must be expressed in each wine and in everything that goes into its creation. We think, we believe, we create. These three words represent a synthesis of what Bellenda is, who they are, their family and their close connection to the land. They love exploring the wide world of sparkling wine. Sparkling or semi-sparkling, with or without sediment, classic or charming method.


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