Butternut cream with peanuts and curry - Domaine Terra

Butternut cream with peanuts and curry - Domaine Terra

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Butternut cream with peanuts and curry - 130g - Domaine Terra


Domaine Terra is a Girondine gastronomic cannery which aims to deliciously accompany your moments of conviviality. The ranges are cooked from fruits and vegetables from New Aquitaine selected for their taste and the know-how of their producers. Their approach is part of that of Slow Food by granting deep respect to the earth and living beings; ingredients being as important as those who produce them! Of course they ban from their recipes any ingredient that would not have had its place in grandmothers' kitchens (preservatives, colorings, flavorings, etc.). Like the southwest, the products have character, they are marked by their terroir, they invite good humor and can be enjoyed with a few good friends!

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