“Parsimonie” cider 2021 - Cyprien Lireux

“Parsimonie” cider 2021 - Cyprien Lireux

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“Parsimonie” cider 2021 - Cyprien Lireux
Region: Normandy
Vintage: 2021
Fresh apple, slight bitterness. A second palate rounded by a discreet touch of alcohol which structures the whole.

(with) parsimony nf In small quantities, sparingly. Without superfluous elements.

Apples picked here and there, sparingly, in old orchards discovered during my Normandy adventures. Fine filtration, search for a delicate and precise cider. Residual sugars: 47g/l Alcohol: 4.5%


Hand harvest, traditional untreated high-stem orchards. Long maturation in wooden palox before pressing. Slow fermentation with native yeasts, in order to fully express the aromatic potential of the fruits. Natural moss intake. Without sulphites or other added inputs.

Each vintage has a meaning, tells a story, expresses a feeling! This is why their names are chosen with the same attention as that given to the fruits. Convinced on the one hand that there is a year effect on the development and aromas of the fruits, on the other hand that cider and perry keep like great wines, my vintages are vintage.


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