Champagne “Rosé” 2008 – Dom Perignon

Champagne “Rosé” 2008 – Dom Perignon

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Producer: Dom Perignon
Region: Champagne
Grape variety: Pinot noir, Chardonnay
Vintage: 2008
Color: Sparkling Rose
Quantity: 75cl

When Dom Pérignon champagne is made rosé, it is in the name of audacity: the audacity to free oneself from the conventions of champagne making, to constantly push the limits of creation.

Born from this desire to dare, Dom Pérignon Rosé captures the red of Pinot Noir in its original brilliance and captures its complexity in a reckless and confident blend. Developed over nearly twelve years of slow and controlled transformation in the cellar, Dom Pérignon Rosé reveals itself to be intense and spontaneous, light and dark, magnetic.

The vintage

A gray and hazy sky dominates the 2008 wine year, so unique in a solar decade of insolent generosity. Spring and summer are marked by the same deficit in light and temperatures. It was September which, belatedly and miraculously, made the vintage. Just as the harvest begins (September 15), the conditions are finally perfect: full sun and sustained north/north-east winds. To take advantage of such a turnaround, the picking is very spread out. Maturity reveals itself beyond all expectations in an unprecedented, high-pitched balance. The sanitary condition is impeccable.


The bouquet opens instantly with raspberry and wild strawberry. Powdery notes of iris and violet quickly mix with the fruit and settle in. When breathing, we finally see greener nuances emerge, closer to privet, angelica and camphor leaf.


The first sensations are tactile, fleshy, silky. They unfold gradually then become firmer. The acidic frame, signature of the vintage, wraps itself in the structure of the Pinot to reveal the heart of the wine. The finish asserts itself and persists in a scent of peony and white pepper.


In the 17th century, the monk Dom Pierre Pérignon harbored the ambition of creating the “best wine in the world”. This visionary and daring spirit goes so far as to invite himself to the table of the Sun King, won over by the quality of his wine.
Three centuries later, the Dom Pérignon House continues the vision and work of this exceptional artisan, considered the spiritual father of champagne. Dom Pérignon vintages are thus made from the best bunches of grapes from the estate. Each of them is a unique creation which has a style and identity specific to its year: it is then up to the Cellar Master alone to declare it or not.
This vision is embodied in the subtle balance that characterizes Dom Pérignon champagnes – between maturity and liveliness, lightness and intensity – and gives the wine an ability to age with flexibility and elegance.


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