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Vaona family, ORGANIC production is a cultural, ethical and responsible choice for the environment and the planet.
In northeastern Italy, the Valpolicella region grows a little-known grape variety called Corvina. It can make light wines with morello cherry flavors like Beaujolais, but the more well-known styles are much richer.
In Amarone, the grapes are dried before pressing giving the wine more alcohol and body. The dessert-like dark fruit is complemented by strong acidity and just a touch of bitterness that makes this wine very sensual and often expensive.

“We cultivate our land with great respect in order to produce quality products. As guardians of this land given to us, we have worked without using synthetic chemicals, respecting nature and environmental sustainability criteria in order to have lands rich in life, balanced. It is a fundamental heritage not only for our wines and our lands but also for future generations.

In one of the most suggestive corners of the Upper Valpolicella Classica, on top of a gentle hill, a vast 15th century manor house dominates the Marano valley and the plain that separates it from the ancient city of Verona.
The old manor house, residence of the Vaona family, is the company headquarters, which houses the bottaia, an ancient carved stone cellar used for aging Ripasso, Superiore, Amarone and Recioto wines - the tasting room and wine merchant.

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