Domain: Mas d’Intras



The Mas d'Intras vineyard is made up of 24 plots for a total of approximately 25 hectares. The estate is located in the lower Rhône valley, in Valvignères. “Vallis Vinaria” was already renowned for its wines in Roman times. The soil is clay-limestone, its white earth is shallow. The vines benefit from the sunny, temperate and warm Mediterranean climate, especially as they are exposed to the south-east (to the right). The Estate has been 100% organic farming certified by Ecocert since 2009. Cultivation of green manure. Treatments based on copper, sulfur, and adjuvants of plant origin. Bottled at the estate without stabilizers.

Since January 2015, Denis Robert and Sébastien Pradal have had their wine transported from Montélimar to Paris or Brussels by the Alizarine barge. River transport consumes 5 times less fuel than truck transport, and driving without accelerating or braking allows air pollution to be divided by 40. Finally, Denis finds the barge by TGV and delivers his wine merchant and restaurant customers in Paris by electric vehicle.

  • Deliveries only in France and Europe
  • Express delivery to Paris
  • Pick-up at the Paris store is free

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