Estate: Casa Benna



Casa Benna has been part of the Molinari family since 1916. At that time, the part of the land cultivated with vines was small, around one hectare, but the fame of a “knife-cut” wine was already circulating. Currently, Andrea Molinari and her nephew Alessandro Stabile dedicate themselves to it full time.

The estate's rolling vineyards cover an area of ​​approximately 11 hectares and face southeast. The soils are made up of ferrettized clays, characterized by a fairly uneven pedological composition. When a vineyard is planted, side openings are left every 30 to 40 meters along the rows.

Respect for yields per hectare is rigorous, with an average of around 90 quintals, which drops to 70 for Gutturnio Classico Riserva.

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