Quality Sparkling Wine Brut Rosé - Domaine Villet

Quality Sparkling Wine Brut Rosé - Domaine Villet

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Producer: Domaine Villet
Region: Jura
Grape variety: Pinot, Poulsard
Color: Rosé, Sparkling
Quantity: 75cl

A sparkling wine with a nose of red fruits and gray pepper for a supple texture.
Beautiful balance between roundness and liveliness! Very nice for an autumn aperitif.


The estate of Gérard and Christine Villet is located in Arbois, capital of Jura wines and historically the first controlled designation of origin (AOC) in France. The estate was taken over from the in-laws, whose ancestors have been winegrowers in Arbois since the 1900s. The family Villet, natural winegrowers who developed their ranges with Pierre Overnoy in the 1980s. The estate was converted to organic viticulture in 1988 and was thus one of the pioneers in this sector. This year, 15 ha (including 3 ha for the estate) across the entire Jura vineyard were certified in biology, or 0.75%; whereas today, organic wine represents 15% of the vineyard area. The farm has always retained its character and family dimensions. Gérard works there alone with his wife, who takes care of the administrative and commercial part, and supporting apprentices in training. The harvest remained manual, in order to protect the quality and health of the grapes, and also remained very friendly.


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