Ti'Blanc 2021 - Domaine des Miquettes

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Ti'Blanc 2021 - Domaine des Miquettes
Producer: Chrystelle Vareille & Paul Estève
Region: Rhone
Grape variety: Viognier & Chasselas
Vintage: 2021
Color: White
Quantity: 75cl
It's good, it's white, it's aromatic, it's light, it's fresh and it's drinkable, to say the least. The color is well marked, tending towards orange, due to a brief maceration on one of the grape varieties. A light wine but with a beautiful presence!
Paul Estève and Chrystelle Vareille are the creators of the Miquettes estate, whose great specificity is the use of Georgian techniques. They are indeed passionate about this Caucasian country, the cradle of wine, where eight thousand year old winemaking techniques are still in use. At the heart of this viticulture is the qvevri, the buried jar where all the winemaking takes place: fermentation with skin maceration and aging. They set off to discover this country and returned with the decision to mature all their wines in buried jars. They have twenty-six, but distinguish between tinajas (Spanish jars) for fermentation-maceration and buried “amphoras” for aging. No sulfur is added. For both reds and whites, terracotta erases astringency and transmutes it into a velvety texture, a fruity and supple material. The estate, located in Ardèche, is located in the south of the Saint-Joseph appellation. Paul studied with René-Jean Dard and François Ribo, two great figures in natural wine in the Rhône valley. With Chrystelle, he began by recovering the farm from Paul's family with two acres of vines, then in 2004 the entire estate, which now covers 4.3 hectares.