Meursault “Vieilles Vignes” 2020 White - Domaine Guy Bocard

Meursault “Vieilles Vignes” 2020 White - Domaine Guy Bocard

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Producer: Guy Bocard
Region: Burgundy
Grape variety: Chardonnay
Vintage: 2020
White colour
Quantity: 75cl

Expressive attack, the Murisaltian aromas of white fruits and white flowers are accompanied by a melted woodiness. The vibrant acidity sculpts the mouth, balances the roundness of the wine, and stretches the finish.


Since 2018, the Guy Bocard estate extends over 5.6 hectares. From our Aligoté vines, now fifty years old, to our premier crus of Meursault in Charmes and Genevrières, we pay the same attention to our vines. After a fruitful experience carried out in our first growths in 2021, all of our rows will be grassed in 2022. Faba beans, rye and clover flourish between our rows, where we have minimized soil work as much as possible. The better assimilation of nitrogen, the sustainability of water and the structuring of soils made possible by legumes make it possible to initiate a virtuous natural cycle, where the land is maintained and regenerated, year after year.
Our thinking directs us towards the aggradation of our soils. Where decades of viticultural management have been focused on the production of great wines, sometimes to the detriment of the age-old biological complexity of the soils, it is through a cycle respectful of the ecosystem that our soils are resuscitated... and that our wines grow.


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