Wine for Dummies - 13th edition

Wine for Dummies - 13th edition

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If there is a subject that interests all French people, even the most stupid, it is wine! So with Wine for Dummies, you have in your hands the book for ALL enthusiasts, from the occasional taster to the informed expert. Complete, both technical and practical, always entertaining, this guide is a general work on wine, a true consumer bible, as well as a reference manual.
How is wine produced? Which wines to pair with which cheese? What new grape varieties are promising? What are the new challenges for winegrowers today?

In this new edition, Éric Beaumard, legendary sommelier, and Catherine Gerbod, leading journalist, provide their advice to help you with your wine tasting, as well as their most recent favorites!

Completely revised edition of a bestseller with the latest discoveries of Éric Beaumard, legendary sommelier!


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