Côté Cairn, Clairette de Die Tradition - Demi Dry

Côté Cairn, Clairette de Die Tradition - Demi Dry

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Clairette from Die Tradition
Producer: Domaine Côté Cairn
Region: Southern Rhône
Grape varieties: 85% Muscat blanc à petits grains, 15% Clairette blanche
Color: Effervescent White
Quantity: 75cl

Ancestral Dioise method and biodynamics. Muscat aromas. Color: Beautiful light yellow color. Taste: Notes of white fruits, apple, pear, white flowers and honey. You will feel like you are biting into a fresh fruit. Sparkling wine with fruity and floral notes (peach, apricot, lychee, rose, etc.) and a subtle balance between freshness and sweetness. Serve chilled (5°). Food and wine pairings: Aperitif, cheeses, fruit desserts, galette des rois.


An adventure is born from three passionate, committed and deeply convinced winegrowers. For them, organic must be quality, accessible and fair. A desire to change the world step by step, to make a contribution, symbolized by the "cairn", a stone mound built by shepherds and walkers to mark a path in the mountains. These winegrowers also produce biodynamically with Demeter mention and give the vines all the care they deserve. The vines are located at the foot of the Vercors, on the southern slope before the Drôme becomes Provençal, subject to a contrasting climate with very sunny summers and harsh winters. Biodynamic vine cultivation: natural care, gentle pruning and manual harvesting.

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