VDF “Ivre de Vivre” 2021 White - Domaine de l’Octavin

VDF “Ivre de Vivre” 2021 White - Domaine de l’Octavin

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VDF “Ivre de Vivre” 2021 White - Domaine de l’Octavin
Producer: Octavin Estate
Region: Jura
Grape variety: Viognier
Vintage: 2021
Color: White
Quantity: 75cl

Organic and natural dry white wine vinified in Jura from grapes harvested in Vaucluse, fruity and mineral. Ivre de vivre is made up of a complex blend: 50% direct press Vermentino and 50% Roussanne and Marsanne macerated for ten days in whole bunches. The blend is made after fermentation and pressing of the Roussanne and Marsanne. This wine presents tropical notes (green mango, ripe mango, lychee, mandarin), honeyed, citrus (orange and lemon), but also mineral: chalk, pebble, dry earth after the rain.


“There is no need for anything,” says Alice Bouvot, winemaker at the Octavin estate, “just a grape that feels good in its skin. » Everything is said in favor of natural wine, it's a perfect description. Created in 2005, the Alice estate is located in Arbois, in this wine-growing Jura often described as the most organic vineyard in France. The habit of making – among other things – oxidative wines is a good preparation for nature, this type of wine does not allow any chemical additives and especially no sulphite. It's a secret of this magnificent region. Originally spread over two hectares, the estate, run entirely biodynamically (Demeter) since 2010, has expanded through the gradual acquisition of plots and now covers seven hectares.


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