Champagne “Soléra” Brut Nature - Olivier Horiot

Champagne “Soléra” Brut Nature - Olivier Horiot

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Producer: Olivier Horiot
Region: Champagne
Grape variety: Arbane, Chardonnay, Petit Meslier, Pinot Blanc, Pinot Gris, Pinot Meunier, Pinot Noir
Color: Sparkling White
Quantity: 75cl

This vintage has two particularities, the first lies in its blend composed of the seven grape varieties authorized in Champagne and the second is characterized by its vinification according to the Soléra method which consists of blending wines from different years. This method is normally used in the making of Sherry.

The nose presents aromas loaded with very ripe yellow and white fruits, and tertiary notes of toasted almonds and patina.

The palate maintains a high level of freshness and lively bubbles which contribute to the liveliness of the whole. A gourmet Champagne, designed for the table and to satisfy palates that love complex, full-bodied and evolved notes.


Established in Les Riceys for around ten years, Olivier Horiot is passionate about still wines and seeks the expression of terroirs.
Since 2000, it has produced a unique range in Champagne of “Still Wines” which represent the diversity of the Riceys Terroirs and perfectly reflect the qualitative potential of the different regions: Rosé des Riceys “en Valingrain” and Rosé des Riceys “en Barmont”, “ Sketch” by Rosé des Riceys. Coteaux Champenois: Riceys Rouge “en Barmont” and Riceys Blanc “en Valingrain”.

Since 2004, under the “Olivier Horiot” brand, he has been developing an original range of vintage Champagne wines, vinified and aged in oak barrels for 1 year on fine stirred lees in order to best respect the fruits of the year and reveal each vintage as naturally as possible: Champagne “Sève” Rosé de Saignée, Champagne “Métisse”, Champagne “Sève” Blancs de Noirs, Champagne “5 Sens”, Champagne “Arbane” Pure. Faithful to the spirit of their father Serge Horiot, co-founder of the Ricey-Bas Viticole Cooperative of which they are also members, they maintain the cooperative spirit very important to them and continue to produce Blended Champagnes under the “Serge Horiot” brand: Champagne Brut Tradition and Champagne Cuvée Prestige.


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