Champagne Grand Cru “Les Aventures” 2008/2009/2012 Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut - AR Lenoble

Champagne Grand Cru “Les Aventures” 2008/2009/2012 Blanc de Blancs Extra Brut - AR Lenoble

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Producer: AR Lenoble
Region: Champagne
Grape variety: 100% Chardonnay
Color: Sparkling White
Quantity: 75cl

Single-plot Champagne from the place called “Les Aventures” in Chouilly Grand Cru on the Côte des Blancs and made from great years selected for their complementarity. The nose is of rare density. The long time on lees reveals notes of noble oxidation but also with great texture. The persistence in the mouth is long, powerful but airy on the finish.
Recommended tasting temperature: 12°C to 13°C
It will enhance white meat with a slightly creamy and citrus sauce. It goes ideally with grilled lobster or shellfish risotto. A cheese like Chaource or Abondance will also make a great pairing.


The captivating history of Maison AR Lenoble dates back to 1870, in the middle of the war. Joseph Graser, fleeing the Germans, left his native Alsace to reach Epernay, in Champagne, on foot, where his wife Alice lived. Unfortunately, he died suddenly in the street at the age of 44. His son, Armand-Raphaël, initially an aspiring doctor, was forced to take charge of the family and launched into wine brokerage.

In 1920, Armand-Raphaël expanded his activities by creating Champagne Graser, quickly renamed “AR Lenoble”. With the recent armistice, he preferred to change the German-sounding name to create the brand "AR Lenoble", where "AR" represents his initials and "Lenoble" pays homage to the nobility of Champagne wines.

Four generations follow one another, carrying with them profound values ​​defended with commitment and dedication. Anne and Antoine Malassagne, brother and sister, inherit the family house, determined to innovate in this traditional world and improve the quality of Champagnes. Since 2010, a magnum reserve under cork has been built up in the AR Lenoble cellars to participate in future blends, giving birth in 2014 to the "MAG" champagne.

The 18 hectare vineyard, located on the most beautiful hillsides of Champagne in Chouilly (one of the 6 villages classified Grand Cru on the Côte des Blancs) and in Bisseuil (terroir classified Premier Cru de la Montagne de Reims), is supplemented by supplies from partner winegrowers in Epernay. The importance given to working in the vines is underlined, with a reasoned approach favoring biodiversity and soil life in the humid and cold climate of northern Champagne.

Vineyard practices include weeding to reduce yields, scratching the soil to deepen the roots in the chalk, and aeration of the soil to encourage the development of nutrients necessary for the grape clusters. In 2012, the AR Lenoble vineyard obtained HVE (High Environmental Value) certification, and since that date, the estate's hives have demonstrated a beneficial environment.


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