Champagne "7ème Ciel" 2017 Extra Brut - Domaine Vincent Charlot

Champagne "7ème Ciel" 2017 Extra Brut - Domaine Vincent Charlot

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Producer: Domaine Vincent Charlot
Region: Champagne
Grape variety: Fromanteau, Pinot blanc, Pinot Meunier, Petit Meslier, Chardonnay, Arbane and Pinot Noir
Color: Sparkling White
Quantity: 75cl

Born from a fairly unique blend of 7 Champagne grape varieties (fromanteau, pinot blanc, pinot meunier, petit meslier, chardonnay, arbane and pinot noir), this cuvée has a stunning elegance and drinkability. The palette of aromas is marked by dried fruits, stone fruits, hot spices, verbena, mint and blond tobacco leaf. The corresponding flavors on the palate are more marked by citrus freshness and a saline length with woody and smoky touches. Truly astonishing!


Vincent Charlot no longer considers himself as a manipulative winemaker, but as an “artisan of the land, creator of spirituality and exalter of sensations”. His estate is located in Mardeuil, near Épernay. He uses the basics of biodynamics to treat the vines, using in particular fermented plant extracts or infusions, while respecting the lunar calendar. Vinification and aging are carried out, depending on the wine, in vats, barrels or amphorae. Result: wines with a very strong personality. One of the most gifted winegrowers in the region, very friendly, who offers authentic and deep vintages. An area that does not leave you indifferent.


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