Organic Original - OSCO Aperitif

Organic Original - OSCO Aperitif

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Organic Original - OSCO Aperitif

Country: France
Quantity: 70cl

OSCO is an alcohol-free and organic aperitif resulting from French winemaking know-how. Its unique taste, fresh and fruity, transports all those who wish to indulge themselves without drinking a drop of alcohol to the sun.

You will appreciate its aromatic complexity with southern flavors with notes of rosemary, anise and fig and its sweet bitterness, brought by a touch of gentian.

OSCO follows the traditional structure of an aperitif, namely a blend of wine and bitter-tasting plants. They replaced the wine with verjuice (green grape juice, similar to lemon). Same origin, same character, minus the alcohol!

OSCO is a committed brand and is keen to highlight French know-how : 

  • A French production
  • Healthy products, organic , without additives or preservatives  
  • Made with quality ingredients ethically sourced
  • Verjuices and infusion plants harvested in France
  • Glass packaging recyclable And reusable