“Farmer” Brut Cider 33cl - Pacory

“Farmer” Brut Cider 33cl - Pacory

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Country: France
Quantity: 33cl
Alcohol: 4%

The organic raw cider from the Grimaux farm is made from Breton and Norman apples in the Domfrontais region.
Careful and rigorous know-how makes it possible to offer a cider with a natural foam in the bottle which explains the slight deposit.


Since the beginning of the 18th century, the Pacorys have been farmers in Domfrontais. Like all the farmers of this bocage, they transform apples and pears into cider, perry and calvados alongside livestock activities. The Grimaux farm has been operated by our family since 1939. In 1959, faced with the expansion of intensive agriculture, my father, Claude Pacory, decided to favor and perfect the production of calvados. Marketing in bottles then began. Numerous prizes have been awarded to this work. In 1986, we took over the operation and continued Claude's work. By analyzing the potential of the various varieties in our orchard, using more efficient techniques, we have refined the quality and diversity of our products.


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