Class: Drinking Stars - The Myth of Champagne

Class: Drinking Stars - The Myth of Champagne

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Through the tasting of 4 champagnes, you will discover the differences between the big houses and the small artisanal producers who live side by side, the dosages and all the magic of the history of the famous effervescent nectar

  • Champagne: from Versailles, a symbol of celebration and celebration
  • The invention of Champagne
  • Grapes and regions
  • Champagne elaboration and vocabulary
  • Producers and horns
  • The 10 best selling Champagnes in the world
  • Label nomenclature
  • Service and storage
  • The canapés, cold cuts and cheeses served in harmonisation are full, you do
    not need to have diner before

Duration: 2h
Divvino Marais, a historical wine cellar from XVI century. 16 Rue Elzévir, 3éme Paris